Applying for certification of self-contained units under the Condominium Act

Completion Applications in Accordance with WEG

Our team provides the following services.
For a fixed price starting at € 60 per residential unit (plus VAT).
No matter where you are in Germany.

  • We do a laser-assisted survey of the building showing its current state; includes cellars and attics where applicable, garages, underground car parks, outdoor facilities and outbuildings
  • We view all the apartments to inspect the state of repair
  • We do CAD drawings on a scale of 1:100, showing windows, doors, stairways, sanitary facilities and fitted cupboards
  • We hold advance consultations with authorities granting building permission
  • We draw plans of the existing building in accordance with statutory regulations, on a scale of 1:100, with company logo and marking the apartments
  • We draw plans showing the allocation of separate rights of use for garden areas and for parking spaces
  • We draw up any other documents required by the authorities (e.g. how the residential space is made up, etc.)

Documents are delivered in A 3 format, and in digitalised PDF format on CD or DVD.

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