Determining rental space

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The 2nd Calculation Ordinance (Berechnungsverordnung II) was replaced in January 2004 by the Residential Space Ordinance (Wohnflächenverordnung – WoFLV).

Determining rental space

"gif" is now the official method for calculating commercial space.

In our experience, residential and commercial properties are at least 2-5% larger than originally thought. This has been revealed by the more accurate measuring techniques available these days and by the new calculation methods used.

How come?

As a rule, existing space measurements are based on the 2nd Calculation Ordinance, but this is now outdated. Balconies, loggias and patios are often counted at only 1/4 of their size, or even left out altogether. When dwelling space is calculated in a building that is still a shell, 3% is generally deducted for plastering. Frequently, any modernisation that has been done is simply disregarded, even if stoves have been removed or chimney-breasts have been dismantled.
Using laser technology for measuring is far more accurate than measuring the shell and then deducting 3% for plastering. And under the new Residential Space Ordinance, 50% of patios, balconies and loggias can be counted even if they are unroofed.
And the same applies to the ground area of non-supporting walls, too.

Using "gif" to calculate areas used commercially means that virtually 100% of the space can be allocated.