Recording & Documenting Buildings, Data acquisition for facility–management

Determining buildings

Do you want to use the Internet for presenting your property, or for letting it, or for putting it on the market?

Have the plans gone missing?

Then you need digitalised records (PDF files) that can be accessed and sent online.

To them are missing space data, data to technical plants and other components.

Our team provides the following services.
In the depth you need.
For a fixed price starting at € 0.50 per m2 rental space (plus VAT).
No matter where you are in Germany.

  • We make a simple property assessment
    (visual assessment) using the latest planning documents you have in your archives
  • We digitalise(copy) hardcopy plans
  • We do a laser-assisted survey
  • We document the building using CAD, generally includes floor plans, cross-sections, views in PDF/DWG format and in any paper formats required
  • Data acquisition for facility–management

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